Mates of the Guardians

 ~ Re-releasing in 2015 ~

The Guardians travel through time and space on the orders of The Council, but someone is working to rid the universe of these heroes and heroines. Strong on their own, they grow stronger when they find their mates, and the race is on. Will the Guardians unfurl the plot and save their mates, or will they have to sacrifice all to protect the will of The Council?

What reviewers are saying…

“Lai has a firmer grasp of her world and the characters within it…I look forward to more stories about the Guardians for certain!” ~Lexile at Night Owl Reviews

“Mrs. Lai, you truly surprise me! In such a short span you have managed to have me intrigued with your world(s) and with your characters…” ~RomanceReader at Seriously Reviewed

“…Oh Harriet, she’s a strong mixture of Ellie and Judith.  She’s got the gumption of Elle, but the elegance of Judith and does not take ‘you’re just a woman!’ utterances with any sort of peaceful tolerance…If you haven’t figured it out yet I love Harriet to utter distraction…” ~Lexie at Poisoned Rationality

What readers are saying…

“…It’s a easy fresh story. Just the thing for a quick read on a quiet relaxing, early to bed, evening to help find a smile for my face. It’s a long time since I read a story where the protagonist is female, mysterious and very much her own person. —- Next time I hunt for a quality read Emma Lai will be on my search list. She’s clever and skillful. I like her writer’s voice. ~Erin on His Ship, Her Fantasy at Amazon.

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