Sword Dancer, Book 2

~ Release Date To Be Determined ~

Her Vow…

I am no man’s property.

Never again will I be a victim.

I alone control my future.

Her Quest…

Ripped from her homeland at a too young age, memories that are more like dreams taunt Zelayra. Now free of the tyranny of the Prince of Xa’aia, she searches for her true identity.

Sword Dancer…

On the deck of the J’Hartan ship that rescued them from their Xa’aian pursuers, Zelayra studies the art of swordplay while Raulf recovers from the wounds he received during their flight. Together, they plot a course that will take them by sea to the eastern boundaries of Raulf’s homeland. However, the ship’s captain has other plans, and in the jungle nation of J’Harta, Zelayra finds she must answer for the crimes of her recent past.

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