Slave to Innocence (Sins of Sybaris)

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What reviewers are saying…

“In three words: Slave to Innocence is sizzling, salacious and short.
It is also not anything you want to read when anyone else is around to see your expressions or to interrupt the heat of your imagination as you visualize the intriguing scenes.” ~  Peggy Ullman Bell, Author of Sappho Sings posted at Bosom Friends: Lesbian Historical Fiction

Selene, the wife of a wealthy merchant, has few freedoms. To entertain herself, she uses her male slaves to fulfill her fantasies. However, she finds herself drawn to the innocence of her favorite female slave, Parthenope. Will Selene resist temptation, or will she become a slave to innocence?


Parthenope averted her gaze.

Selene smiled. Despite numerous years in her service, the slave still acted like she was new to the household. She never spoke unless spoken to, she never lazed about and she always did Selene’s bidding—no matter how outrageous the order issued.

Selene sighed. How she envied the woman’s pale complexion. No matter how many oils and lotions were rubbed into her own skin, it remained the color of polished olive wood, a hated reminder of her mother’s origins and her own impoverished childhood—when she’d been forced to work in the fields, little better than a slave herself.

Parthenope’s hair was a dark brown with hints of red gained from her time spent outdoors. A small part of Selene resented the slave her freedom each time the woman went to the agora to check the latest merchants’ wares, but Selene remembered too well the havoc the harsh summer sun wreaked upon exposed skin. No, she wouldn’t trade her life of luxury, even if it meant she had to be confined like an exotic bird. Like the rarest pet, she was indulged and surrounded by gold.

Besides, any resentment she felt quickly faded when Parthenope returned with a find guaranteed to improve Selene’s mood such as the beautiful length of gold silk now resting on the table. On those rare occasions when the woman failed, she made up for it in other ways. A low heat settled low in Selene’s belly as she recalled the most recent incident.

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