Tempting Terms

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Sabrina MacKenzie needs someone ruthless to help her maintain control of her father’s company. Who better for the job than self-made millionaire William Fitzpatrick. Too bad she left him without a word five years ago.

But to gain William’s assistance, Sabrina is willing to do anything–even if it means playing the submissive. Will William be tempted by her terms?


Staring hard at the wooden door that would lead to either her salvation or her ruin, Sabrina MacKenzie wiped damp palms on the soft, well-worn denim of her favorite jeans. She sucked in a deep breath, but the butterflies dancing in her belly refused to settle. With a shaky hand, she grabbed the knob. Her hand slipped, and the knob rattled—the noise echoed in the small clearing housing the cabin and an area wide enough for two cars to park.

She whipped her gaze to the left and then right, but nothing stirred the surrounding undergrowth, and the birds continued to sing. She was being silly, paranoid really. Thick trees and undergrowth shielded the rent-by-the-hour cabin from the view of neighboring cabins, and she’d checked her rearview mirror every five seconds during the drive to make sure no one had followed.

The door swung inward, yanking the knob from her hand. Her heart jumped and then skipped a beat as all worries of privacy flew from mind. If possible, William Fitzpatrick—broad shoulders filling the doorway—was more impressive than the last time she’d seen him.

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