Not Just Friends

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What reviewers are saying…

“…a quick read, full of romance and steam. Emma Lai is an excellent writer and I have not picked up anything yet by her that I disliked. If your in the mood for a feel good romance that won’t leave out any details, be sure to check out Not Just Friends.” ~Beck at Beck’s Book Picks


Heidi Montgomery is out with the girls at the hottest, new nightclub in town when she stumbles into Steven Kim, her best friend of ten years-before he suddenly decided to walk out of her life five years ago.

Maybe it’s been her self-imposed, five-year celibacy, but she finds herself having the most indecent thoughts about her old friend, and when he invites her into his private domain, she can’t help but hope he wants to explore the meaning of the old saying, Kiss and make up.


She swiped palms moist with nervousness on the denim of her skirt. Get a grip, woman! It’s just Steven, and he’s definitely not going to put the moves on you. And that’s not disappointment you’re feeling.

She leaned forward to pick up her whiskey. His slacks rubbed her leg. If she didn’t put some distance between them soon, she would burn to a cinder. She inhaled a deep breath and straightened, shifting, even if only a few centimeters.

She settled into the cushions with a mental pat on the back and sipped the drink. The warm liquid burned its way down her throat.

Steven’s gaze locked with hers. “You never called.”

Heidi shrugged. “The only thing I wanted to talk about was your strange behavior and since technically, you were a man in my life…” Nothing dispelled thoughts of sex better than being put on the defensive.

“That’s really stupid, Heidi. I can’t believe you threw away our friendship over your pride.” He shook his head.

She didn’t flinch. She knew it sounded stupid, but it was truthful. As time had passed, it became the only thing she could focus on, making her even more determined not to call him. Besides, it would have violated her no men rule. “It is what it is, Steven. Is that what you wanted to talk about? The fact that we haven’t talked in five years?”

Steven met Heidi’s gaze, his brown eyes darkened until they were almost black. “No. I’d rather not talk at all.”

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