Not His Usual Type

~ Coming 2015-2016 Football Season ~

Vanessa Lee has one love in her life, her career. Two failed marriages prove she doesn’t have what it takes to go the distance in love, and a constantly running internal dialogue of her mother’s criticisms doesn’t help.

Aidan Thomas, ex-professional quarterback, has too much time on his hands since his retirement. Though between his agent and his manager he’s got plenty of options to explore, as far as he’s concerned his life has fallen into a meaningless rut of the same parties and the same women.

When the two meet at a football party, Vanessa sees a chance to fulfill a fantasy, and Aidan sees a chance to break the mold. As Aidan pursues her in earnest and their passion explodes, Vanessa must confront her personal demons. Will Aidan stick around, or will he decide he’s better off with his usual type?

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