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~ Titles to be Re-Released in 2015 ~

~ Mates of the Guardian Series, Books 1 through 3 ~

~ Red Carpet Release (Star-Taken Series, Book 1.5) ~

Kalea Janssen is happy with her life behind the camera, but when the on-screen talent gets sick, she does what any good producer would, she covers the red carpet affair. The only problem is wardrobe. She has to squeeze her size 14 top into a size 10.

When seams fly at the worst possible moment, enigmatic movie star Eric Flynt, with some prodding, offers his jacket and escorts her from the scene to a private room where she can repair the damage.

Once alone, will both be more interested in seeing Kalea fully released from her clothing?

Special Guest Appearances by Stephen Raymond and Rachel Harrington from First Take

~ Wanting It All ~

Clayton Palmer is an up and coming lawyer in the family’s East Coast firm. A long-standing agreement with his father allows Clayton to head to Colorado during the summer–to work hard as a dude ranch hand and if he’s lucky, play harder with a hot cowboy, or two. But this summer, his luck is all bad. His normal bunk buddies are missing, and a lawyer from a competing West Coast firm is a guest.

A week-long retreat with clients doesn’t hold any appeal for James Owens until he spies Clayton hauling in the luggage. James has lost to Clayton in the courtroom more times than not, and while he’s longed to gain the upper hand over his attractive nemesis in trial, he’ll settle for winning in the bedroom when Clayton approaches him and offers to do anything for James to keep his secret.

Though he’s always been attracted to James, Clayton’s unprepared for the emotions the man inspires and runs scared. Haunted by his feelings for James and doubts about his lifestyle, he decides it’s time to seize hold of the reins of his life. When the dust settles, will James be willing to let him into his heart?

~ Letting Go ~

Letting Her Hair Down

Enjoying a quiet evening with her e-reader and a glass of wine at a local hotel bar, librarian Liza Chambers isn’t surprised when Alex, a college frat boy, approaches her about helping him to win a bet. She agrees to help, but first he and his friend Mike have to assist her in letting her hair down.

Letting Memories Go

After seeing John Cabot, her first love, over spring break, Liza Chambers realizes she needs to let some memories go before she can move forward. She seizes the opportunity at his sister’s wedding to put the past behind her. Will her actions rekindle their old flame, or only create more bittersweet memories?

~ Island Exploration ~

Hoping for a little R & R—research and relaxation, of the sexual kind—Professor Josh Harper booked a bungalow at an adult resort only to find adult meant couples. Lucky for him, a marine biologist grad student stops by and offers her assistance.

~ The Final Dance ~

Ashley Beaufort’s duties as maid of honor take her back to the ballroom after all the guests have left, but the bride’s shoes aren’t the only things waiting for her, and she gets the chance to live out a fantasy with a her favorite country-western singer.

 ~ No Date As of Yet ~

~ Not His Usual Type (Clovers, Book 1) ~

Vanessa Lee has one love in her life, her career. Two failed marriages prove she doesn’t have what it takes to go the distance in love, and a constantly running internal dialogue of her mother’s criticisms doesn’t help.

Aidan Thomas, ex-professional quarterback, has too much time on his hands since his retirement. Though between his agent and his manager he’s got plenty of options to explore, as far as he’s concerned his life has fallen into a meaningless rut of the same parties and the same women.

When the two meet at a football party, Vanessa sees a chance to fulfill a fantasy, and Aidan sees a chance to break the mold. As Aidan pursues her in earnest and their passion explodes, Vanessa must confront her personal demons. Will Aidan stick around, or will he decide he’s better off with his usual type?

~ Second Take (Star-Taken, Book 2) ~

Stephen Raymond and Rachel Harrington have settled into love, or have they?

Rachel is caught up in the whirlwind of Stephen’s lifestyle, attending dressy affairs and fun events. Despite the excitement, she’s wary of those she meets. With Stephen busy filming a new movie she turns to his circle of friends. If he trusts them, then she can too… right?

With Stephen’s best friend, Zach, Rachel shares a love of good food and wine, while she finds herself in some of the most absurd situations with Stephen’s former co-star, Eric Flynt. Combined, the two men occupy her days and nights, but will one or both come to occupy a place in her heart as well, or is there room only for Stephen?

~ Sword Dancer (Lost Princess Book 2) ~

Her Vow…

I am no man’s property.

Never again will I be a victim.

I alone control my future.

Her Quest…

Ripped from her homeland at a too young age, memories that are more like dreams taunt Zelayra. Now free of the tyranny of the Prince of Xa’aia, she searches for her true identity.

Sword Dancer…

On the deck of the J’Hartan ship that rescued them from their Xa’aian pursuers, Zelayra studies the art of swordplay while Raulf recovers from the wounds he received during their flight. Together, they plot a course that will take them by sea to the eastern boundaries of Raulf’s homeland. However, the ship’s captain has other plans, and in the jungle nation of J’Harta, Zelayra finds she must answer for the crimes of her recent past.

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