Battlefield Memories

american_flagIn honor of Memorial weekend, I’ll be sharing some stories shared by family members who have served in the U.S. military. This first one is from my grandfather and shows how the actions of one can affect many…

As my grandfather lay injured on a World War I battlefield, a representative of a volunteer organization came by and robbed him of all his valuables. Because of that individual, he thought for sure he was dying. Why else would this person take all his stuff. Then, just as he was sure he would never see his family again, the Salvation Army appeared and got him the care he needed. He returned to his family and lived another forty-odd years, though he passed away before I was ever born.

How did I learn this story then? Well, my family has never had much, but that certain volunteer organization was doing a fundraiser when I was in high school (so fast-forward another two decades and some change) and I asked my dad if we could donate anything. His answer was an adamant, “No.” Surprised by his vehemence–he’s normally soft-spoken–I asked him why not, and he shared that story. He concluded that if I still felt the need to be charitable, I should think of something to do for the Salvation Army.

There’s no right or wrong here, really. That unnamed organization does much good in the world, but for me and mine, because of the actions of that one person on that battlefield on that day, we support the Salvation Army. And not only do I remember the people who have served this nation over Memorial Weekend but also all those men and women, family and friends, support groups and charities who support our military.





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